How to leverage Poll Everywhere to Keep your Learners Alert

Poll Everywhere

Any clinician educator will recognise this situation. You’re trying to engage your learners with a well-prepared lecture or tutorial, but their eyes are wandering. Fewer and fewer seem interested and you can’t seem to keep their attention. This can lead to frustration: I am teaching adults and they just don’t seem motivated enough! There is conflicting evidence about learner attention and whether it fatigues predictably or waxes and wanes. Historically, educators had been taught that learners might attend for 10-15 minutes before needing re-engagement in some way.[1][2] More recently, studies have concluded that the evidence supporting the 10-15 minute period might not …

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The Five Productivity Podcasts I Listen to Each Week

Productivity Podcasts

When it comes to being productive in time that I would have previously wasted, nothing comes close to listening to productivity podcasts. When I’m sitting in my car wishing the traffic wasn’t so bad, I could be mindlessly listening to the radio or using that time effectively. Podcasts are a brilliant way to: learn something new catch up on news get a fresh perspective and broaden your horizons Given the ubiquity of smartphones, you can listen to a podcast almost any time you want. My high yield time for podcasts is driving to and from work. That is 60-70 minutes …

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Medical literature that comes to you

Medical Literature

As a busy doctor, it can be difficult to juggle the competing demands of daily practice, personal life and keeping current with the medical literature. Every day there are many new articles published, and the rate of expansion is increasing every year. Keeping up-to-date is hard ~ (every doctor, ever) So, how does a busy physician ensure they are aware of the latest research and important developments in their field? They make the medical literature come to them by leveraging modern technologies. Make the medical literature come to you How do they do it? By using the power of the internet, and …

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