Academic Citations

American Gastroenterological Association

Living Like an Academic Athlete: How to Improve Clinical and Academic Productivity as a Gastroenterologist
Benchimol, Eric I. et al. Gastroenterology, Volume 154, Issue 1, 8-14.


Guest Posts

Master your Metrics

Master your Metrics: How to Reach your Greatest Goals

I believe that the biggest impact on whether we achieve our goals is the metrics we choose to measure our progress towards success. This guest post at Asian Efficiency outlines my rationale.

An Introduction to Inbox Zero

An Intro To Inbox Zero: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Email

Blogger Katy Whitton at Flipping Heck asked me to write a guest post introducing my 11000 word epic post on email management.

I cover some basic statistics about the size of the email problem, and then introduce my approach to getting your inbox under control.

MD Magazine

Identifying and Living By Our "Why?"

The most popular post on this site is my discussion of creating a Personal Mission Statement. This guest post at MD Magazine is an attempt to bring it to a wider audience of physicians.

There is a profound power in asking and knowing 'why?'.

Inbox Zero Email Workflow

Email Management Best Practices for Busy Physicians

Another post on email management, but the overwhelm that faces physicians has been amplified by our adminstrative obligations. Having a robust approach to managing email is one way to take back some control.



Future Proof MD - Productive Physician

Future Proof Docs - The Productive Physician

Future Proof MD was one of the first physician bloggers that I 'got to know' online. Here, FPMD interviews me about developing as a physician and how personal productivity might intersect with career development.

And yes, this really is the image he chose for our interview!

Doctors Unbound

Steal Back Your Precious Time Today: Productivity Hacks Every Doctor Must Know to Thrive

Doctors Unbound focuses on doctors doing great things outside of medicine. Dr Dave Draghinas and I had a good chat about the differences in medicine between Australia and the United States, as well as ways to increase our personal productivity as doctors.

Productivityist Podcast

The Link Between Personal and Professional Productivity with Mark Lavercombe

The Productivityist Podcast with Mike Vardy is one of the most popular of all productivity podcasts. I was honoured to be interviewed by Mike and had a great time chatting with him!


Other Mentions

5 interactive presentation ideas that leave a lasting impression

Maxwell McGee at the Poll Everywhere blog used a quote from my article on using Poll Everywhere to increase learner engagement.


Expert Tips for Productivity You Can Use Today: Part One

A quote from my Inbox Zero article was used for this round-up of tips for the Office Planning Group blog.


How to Perform Better at Work

My number one tip for increasing workplace productivity was quoted in an article for the blog at

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