The Five Productivity Podcasts I Listen to Each Week

Productivity Podcasts

When it comes to being productive in time that I would have previously wasted, nothing comes close to listening to productivity podcasts. When I’m sitting in my car wishing the traffic wasn’t so bad, I could be mindlessly listening to the radio or using that time effectively. Podcasts are a brilliant way to: learn something new catch up on news get a fresh perspective and broaden your horizons Given the ubiquity of smartphones, you can listen to a podcast almost any time you want. My high yield time for podcasts is driving to and from work. That is 60-70 minutes …

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Achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goals in a 12 Week Year

12 Week Year

I have never been good at setting and achieving my goals. I would dream of something ambitious, but with work and life so often getting in the way it was easy for me to let deadlines slide, re-prioritise or just drop the goal altogether. As part of my ongoing self-improvement readings, I discovered the book and now have just completed my first 12 Week Year. I set four fairly ambitious goals and commenced the process on 27th June 2016. I intend for this blog post to document my process and achievements, failures and lessons learned for the benefit of others. …

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Medical literature that comes to you

Medical Literature

As a busy doctor, it can be difficult to juggle the competing demands of daily practice, personal life and keeping current with the medical literature. Every day there are many new articles published, and the rate of expansion is increasing every year. Keeping up-to-date is hard ~ (every doctor, ever) So, how does a busy physician ensure they are aware of the latest research and important developments in their field? They make the medical literature come to them by leveraging modern technologies. Make the medical literature come to you How do they do it? By using the power of the internet, and …

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Measure thyself…

Measure Thyself

Ok, sure. ‘Measure thyself’ is a bit of a lazy pun on Luke 4:23, but the fundamentals of any improvement process are to define the problem and measure the effects of various changes. Want to lose weight? Weigh yourself (define the problem), then weigh yourself again after modifying your diet and increasing your exercise (measure the effects). Want to learn a new skill? Decide how you are going to approach learning it (define), and then commit to a regular practice that you can log each time you complete (measure). One of the foremost leaders in the field of management, Peter Drucker, is famous …

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Why Productivity for Physicians?

Productive Physician

What makes a physician effective? How does a busy doctor maintain their professional and personal productivity, while advancing their chosen career? What are the skills that enable some physicians to achieve greatness in their chosen field? As a young(-ish) physician, these questions colour my everyday practice of medicine. This blog is intended to explore the answers to these questions while documenting my personal journey from ‘good enough’ to great. Who am I? I am a Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician practising in Melbourne, Australia. I spend 40% of my week in a public hospital doing inpatient and outpatient care, quality …

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