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Create a Personal Mission Statement for the Life YOU Want

Personal Mission Statement

What is all the fuss about creating your personal mission statement?? This guide will help you to understand: What a personal mission statement is Why having a personal mission statement can be so valuable How to write a personal mission statement What to do with your personal mission statement once you’re done It is the synthesis …

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Ready for a Conference

Getting Ready for a Conference

Whether you’re a battle-hardened conference warrior with decades of conference attendances under your belt or attending a conference for the first time, The Productive Physician guide to getting ready for a conference has you covered. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through preparing to attend a conference. We cover planning, executing and following up afterwards, …

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Measure thyself…

Measure Thyself

Ok, sure. ‘Measure thyself’ is a bit of a lazy pun on Luke 4:23, but the fundamentals of any improvement process are to define the problem and measure the effects of various changes. Want to lose weight? Weigh yourself (define the problem), then weigh yourself again after modifying your diet and increasing your exercise (measure the effects). …

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