How to Procrastinate on Purpose & Define YOUR Priorities

Procrastinate on Purpose

There are fundamental principles that apply to all productivity strategies, tools or rules. It is critical that anyone wanting to increase their personal productivity pays attention to those principles. But, what are they? We all have 1440 minutes each day. We all have our own range of personal and interpersonal commitments and obligations to juggle, and these can often overwhelm our ability to choose how we focus our energies. If we don’t choose how we spend our time, we are at risk of wasting it. In his book Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time, Rory Vaden has created …

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Create a Personal Mission Statement for the Life YOU Want

Personal Mission Statement

What is all the fuss about creating your personal mission statement?? This guide will help you to understand: What a personal mission statement is Why having a personal mission statement can be so valuable How you can develop your personal mission statement What to do with your personal mission statement once you’re done It is the synthesis of my findings after researching this topic and developing my own mission. I hope you will find it useful as you pursue your self-improvement journey. Want a checklist to help you create your own Personal Mission Statement? Download one today for free. I’ll even …

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How to leverage Poll Everywhere to Keep your Learners Alert

Poll Everywhere

Any clinician educator will recognise this situation. You’re trying to engage your learners with a well-prepared lecture or tutorial, but their eyes are wandering. Fewer and fewer seem interested and you can’t seem to keep their attention. This can lead to frustration: I am teaching adults and they just don’t seem motivated enough! There is conflicting evidence about learner attention and whether it fatigues predictably or waxes and wanes. Historically, educators had been taught that learners might attend for 10-15 minutes before needing re-engagement in some way.[1][2] More recently, studies have concluded that the evidence supporting the 10-15 minute period might not …

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Do you Want an Extraordinary Life? Choose Deep Work…

Deep Work

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get some deep work done but being distracted by the necessities of daily life in the modern world. Have you ever had that experience? Where you need to complete a report, brush up on a patient’s problem by going to the literature, or write an academic paper submission, but you just can’t get uninterrupted time to think? My bet is that every doctor will know this feeling. Whether it is interminable documentation or ever more administration requirements such as billing or practice meetings, these distractions can keep us from our core business. …

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Ready for a Conference

Getting Ready for a Conference

Whether you’re a battle-hardened conference warrior with decades of conference attendances under your belt or attending a conference for the first time, The Productive Physician guide to getting ready for a conference has you covered. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through preparing to attend a conference. We cover planning, executing and following up afterwards, so that you can get the most out of a conference. We have a downloadable ‘attending a conference checklist’ as well as packing guides, technology suggestions and networking tips. Let’s get started! Planning to attend a conference There are myriad things to consider when getting …

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The Five Productivity Podcasts I Listen to Each Week

Productivity Podcasts

When it comes to being productive in time that I would have previously wasted, nothing comes close to listening to productivity podcasts. When I’m sitting in my car wishing the traffic wasn’t so bad, I could be mindlessly listening to the radio or using that time effectively. Podcasts are a brilliant way to: learn something new catch up on news get a fresh perspective and broaden your horizons Given the ubiquity of smartphones, you can listen to a podcast almost any time you want. My high yield time for podcasts is driving to and from work. That is 60-70 minutes …

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