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Do you ever feel like you're spending more time managing your work as a physician rather than doing what you trained to do?

Endless meetings, emails, data entry and other trivialities can inundate us in a never-ending flood. Those commitments snatch away our focus from what is important to us, our families and our careers.

I've been there and I know exactly how it feels.

You feel like your goals and priorities aren't valued. You see your vision for your career disappearing before your very eyes.

Productivity Advice for Physicians (by a Physician)

There are innumerable sources of information about personal productivity. A quick Google search will surface thousands of books, articles, blogs and podcasts.

When I started this site, none of those resources spoke to my needs as a Physician.

A lot of the advice I was reading or hearing was just not possible to enact in my workplace. As healthcare professionals, we face unique demands on our time. We operate with restrictions that don't apply to other industries.

Parsing the breadth and depth of the productivity literature takes time and effort. We're all busy enough keeping up with our current workload.

Given I was already reading and listening so broadly, I imagined that my synthesis could be useful to other docs who don't have that time to spare.

The Productive Physician

The Productive Physician has a singular purpose:

to translate my learning about personal productivity into actionable advice that is accessible and applicable to Physicians.

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